Our cars

Both cars were built by the Daimler Motor Company in Coventry, England, after the Second World War. They both have the same 2,552 cc in-line six-cylinder petrol engine. For a long time, the royal family of England rode in Daimler cars. Winston Churchill had a Daimler that looked pretty much like the convertible in the picture below. We have heard that the Maharajas of India and Ceylon were driven mostly in Daimler Consort cars before Independence.

DAIMLER DB18 Coupé décapotable

The Convertible arrived in Ste-Croix from London at the end of 2012. Formerly entirely black with a beige soft-top, it has been renewed and a nice mascot shaped like a fairy playing the trumpet has been added on the front of the car. All the coatings inside the car are original dark brown leather. The car was recently equipped with indicators in the Garage des Arolles in Ste-Croix.

DAIMLER DB18 Consort «Saloon»

The Consort “Saloon”, also called “Maxine” before it arrived in Ste-Croix, initially was green and belonged to a man named Gary Cheetham, in Sittingbourne (GB). He remodeled it from roof to wheels in 2005, and added a pretty mascot in the shape of a naked woman diving. The car travelled then to Warsaw, where it was used for weddings between 2009 and 2012.