Flat rate Wedding


  • Cantons of VD or NE:
    start at home or at wedding office
    Other cantons: must be discussed

    (50 km incl.)
  • Durée: 4h
  • Decoration of the car included

    Longer journey also possible after discussion**

Journey ½ day


  • Cantons of VD or NE :
    Start at your home
    Others: after discussion

    (100 km incl.)
  • Durée: 4h
  • Picnic with old style: +40.- CHF/pers.

    Longer journey possible**

Trip 1 day


  • Cantons of VD, NE or FR :
    Start at your home
    Others: need discussion

    (200 km incl.)
  • Durée: 8h
  • Picnic on old style: +40.- CHF/pers.

    Longer Journey possible after discussion**



  • Departure: Grand Hôtel des Rasses near to Ste-Croix
  • Durée: 6h
  • We will see exceptional Landscapes.

* Travellings over some days are possible on demand. You can choose the region to visit or the thread of the journey (crossing the Alps, visit the italian lakes, taste wines in the Bourgogne, visit castles or roman churches). Price will be negociated in relationship with your wishes.

** Price: 1.50 CHF/km + 60.- CHF/hour

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