Our packages

We offer exclusive trips for 2 to 4 persons in old Daimler cars from 1948 and 1952, for every special occasion in your life: weddings, birthdays, spending some quality time with friends or family…

Our driver speaks three languages: French, German and English.

Our purpose is to surprise and please you!

Our Wedding Package includes transportation from the ceremony to the restaurant… and also a little trip in the city to show off if you wish. You can choose between a convertible and a limousine. We will take care of the decoration of the car. We will gladly hear your suggestions out and do our best to grant your every wish.

Area: Vaud and Neuchâtel (other locations in French-speaking Switzerland on demand).

Our  Excursion Package includes trips of half or a whole day, with or without animations. You can choose the itinerary or the theme for the day (castles, rivers and lakes, the Jura Mountains, a tour of the finest restaurants, etc.). Or you can leave it to us to prepare a surprising excursion for you, and let our wheels carry!

Area: Vaud and Neuchâtel (other regions: extra payment to pick you up).

Excursions of several days are also possible on demand.

Our package Surprise bring you to nice places through Switzerland West. The route is given but you can choose options. Please contact us.

Location: anywhere in the french part of Switzerland